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What got you to six will not get you to seven – learn our proven framework to scale and sustain a company that serves you financially and spiritually.

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Honorary PhD, and award-winning Inc. 5000 CEO, Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon has used her seven-figure consulting enterprise to help hundreds of her clients leverage the “Move to Millions Method” to progress toward and beyond the million-dollar mark. In Move to Millions, she shares paradigm-shifting truths to give business owners the confidence and step-by-step techniques to advance beyond the messy middle, and defy the statistics plaguing most small businesses.

Part memoir and part methodology, Move to Millions helps entrepreneurs simplify their processes to multiply profits. Known for breaking down complex topics, Dr. Darnyelle equips you to leave the headaches of scaling your business behind, so you can be empowered and edified without compromising your values in the process.

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Move your business to millions!


Is checking your P & L and realizing that you’ve made one million dollars CASH or MORE in one year in your business your wildest dream?

This book will give you a step-by-step framework to bring your dream to life (and position you to sustain it for years to come!)

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    Who do you know who should know that a proven framework to become a million- dollar CEO with grace & ease instead of hustle & grind is within reach?

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    Listen to me, there is nothing wrong with desiring to make millions in your business.

    Abundance IS your birthright.

    Scaling to and sustaining your million-dollar company starts with  holding the belief that you were born to make, move and leave millions. 

    Once you decide, this powerful book will guide you step-by-step. 

    Move to Millions shares in FULL DETAIL the proven framework that I and HUNDREDS of my clients have used to move their businesses toward and beyond the million-dollar milestone WITHOUT having to sacrificing their faith, family, freedom or fun in the process. 

    It’s your time AND it’s your turn!

    When I first started my business, I had dreams of making millions, but that dream eluded me for YEARS. Once I finally hustled my way to the milestone, I hated it and searched for a better way so I quickly shrunk back into my comfortable low to mid-multi-six figure business.  I knew I was meant for millions, but I had to find a way to scale and sustain without having to sacrifice everything I held dear in the process.  Once I did, I reestablished my million-dollar company on a mission to help others do the same.  Since then, we’ve helped 38 businesses cross the million-dollar mark and we are just getting started!  I’m now clear that your business should serve you financially and spiritually and I am telling everyone I know how to make the move with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind. 

    According to the American Express Women Owned Business Report, the average black woman owned business makes $24,000 a year and the average white woman owned business makes $142,900*.  I’m so happy to report that through my Move to Millions® Method and our Move to Millions® Mastermind, in 2022, all 40 members made more than $24,000 in a year, month, week, day and some in an hour AND…

    more than 85% exceeded $142,900 last year as we celebrated adding 5 new Million-Dollar CEOs from our mastermind!


    Move to Millions is a step-by-step framework for scaling to and sustaining your million-dollar company.


    Order Multiple copies for EXTRA BONUSES

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